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Taylor Acoustic & Electric Guitars / Re: NGD cutaway day!
« Last post by M19 on Today at 08:23:28 PM »

Love me a Taylor GC 12-fret Cutaway! I have a Custom All-Mahogany 12 fret and a 562ce.
Ahhh got ya, Dennis!
The trouble I have with the ES end pin (and playing not plugged in) is that it is so shallow --too shallow IMHO-- and requires either a thin strap, or that you "squish" the strap so that it fits into the button properly and will stay there.  I did the latter as I use the Taylor suede strap as well as the old "Byzantine" strap ...both are hearty, thick leather that is comfortable, but doesn't fit into the shallow ES endpin.  Enter two nickels: wet the end of the strap, put a nickel on both sides of the hole, and squeeze it in a bench vice (or vice grips, C-clamp, whatever).  Leave it overnight and the leather dries that way, and now that area is permanently thinner and fits perfectly onto (or should I say into) the ES endpin ...and she stays!  Short of Pete Townshend windmills, I feel very secure about the strap staying put. Not exactly what you may be looking for, but it definitely works!!  :)

Taylor Acoustic & Electric Guitars / Re: NGD cutaway day!
« Last post by Cindy on Today at 07:04:42 PM »
Congrats on a beauty! Did you notice much, if any, difference tonally between them? Not all guitars in a series will sound identical. I have a GA3 and love its tone. I opted to get a GA3e, but was very surprised when the second one didn't sound anything like the first.

Enjoy your gorgeous 812ce 12 fret! :)
Hi Edward,

Thanks for responding.  Yes, I understand what you mean that plugging in will the strap in place.  But there are venues I play where I'm not plugged in, and I'd like to lock the strap onto the end pin jack without using typical strap locks which would drain the battery, since they want to be plugged in.  Let me know if I'm not making myself clear.
I just purchased a used 2016 416ce Fall LTD that is a cedar/walnut combo. Haven't had it long but enjoying every minute of playing time.
The Lounge / Re: Music Association Game
« Last post by Strumming Fool on Today at 03:36:38 PM »
Fast Car -- Tracy Chapman
Taylor Acoustic & Electric Guitars / Re: 1.25.18
« Last post by wooglins on Today at 02:59:54 PM »
Logical evolution from Y bracing that was present in the R. Taylor line to Andy's take in the form of V Bracing.  R. Taylor had the Y brace (they called it asymmetrical bracing, and most of the R. Taylors I have experienced had this option).  Now it moves to the V brace.  By the way my R. Taylor with this bracing is fantastic.  I do think whatever they announce will be strongly centered around Andy Powers and V bracing.  I do not think it was a coincidence the current bracing is called AP bracing (advanced performance aka Andy Powers). 

I do agree this may be the largest innovation to date if the bracing proves to provide an improvement.  The patent is solid and would require any other builder using a similar design to license from Taylor.  Think about the X brace, anyone can use it.   

X Bracing, and Y Bracing

And a nice additional video showing some sweet high notes.
Taylor Acoustic & Electric Guitars / Re: 1.25.18
« Last post by TaylorGirl on Today at 01:28:17 PM »
Maybe we should just get back to the "1.25.18" topic.  ;)
Hey Dennis,

What do you mean by "activate" the ES?  FWIW, I've found that if you are plugged in, that in itself is a "keeper' for the strap at the butt end (and if you are not plugged in then that's a different story, of course).  So is the button or strap end at the neck heel giving you trouble?

Taylor Acoustic & Electric Guitars / Re: 1.25.18
« Last post by DennisG on Today at 11:41:57 AM »

Because you were the one who brought it up when you wrote:

I notice a discernably lighter weight, lighter build, and tonal difference; this across the several that I've had in my hands.

Yet, you have not been able to describe what this tonal difference you discernibly hear is. Neither can I. If it was so discernible, then you could probably say something along the lines or more clarity, or more bass, or something along those lines. Hence my point stands that there is no discernible difference and that the standard Taylor line now already tonally covers what R Taylor had (GS Shape, CV bracing).

Maybe you feel like I should start a new thread, but you were the one who brought the discussion to the table. Isn't the whole point of a forum to discuss things? So if you can't give your opinion on the discernible difference you hear in tone between regular Taylors and R Taylors, then you simply don't want to discuss the issue. Good for you.

Hi Engelmann. Let's not make this a contest on who is better at discerning tone.

I didn't think he was trying to make this a contest -- he was asking for clarification.  Edward said that he could detect a tonal difference, and Engelmann asked him to describe that tonal difference.
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